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Bethany Housewares, Inc

431 2nd Ave SW

P.O. Box 199

Bethany Housewares has several accessories to make “The Original Lefse Grill” more versatile, including the Low Dome Cover and the Wire Rack. We also carry a Plett Pan for Swedish Pancakes and an Aebleskiver Pan for Danish Apple Dumplings. Getting away from the traditional Scandinavian cookware, we also offer such items as the Connloi Form

Set, Creme Horn Set, and Mini Rolling Pins. For everyday kitchen use try the Lattice Pastry Roller, Meat Grinder, Apple Corer, Anti Freeze Ice Cream Scoop and the Bagel Holders. The Dough Punch will solve the problems of crusts rising while baking. The Tortilla Press, Donut Maker and Potato Peeler will greatly reduce kitchen time. For ease of pasta making try our Pasta Maker. The Mezzaluna Chopper makes chopping foods safe and easy. Our new Pastry Crimper seals pastry dough perfectly for great turnovers and pies. Bethany Housewares Inc normally ships via United Postal Services or Parcel Post within 24 hours after receipt of an order and accepts Discover Card, Master Card/Visa, Personal Check or Money Order. We ship to all 50 states and Canada.